Any kind of parent will tell you that absolutely nothing comes before their child’s safety. Your kid’s basic safety cannot be compromised particularly when your child is of a tender age. The exposure to hazards heightens as the young one turns into mobile. To ensure that your child is safe whenever they move from a point to the other inside the house, you should deny him or her access to a number of areas.

– For many years, parents have enjoyed the use of baby gates and play yard fences, due to their high flexibility and suitability for both indoor and outdoor applications. These gates and plastic, steel, wooden fences come in different shapes, sizes, and designs which provide the parents a wide range of options from which to choose. To help you decide on the best baby gates available at the most economical prices here is a price and feature comparison of the best baby gates on the market.

– Toddlers are naturally active and playful. They love to wonder around and learn about things that they see in their environment. As parents, it’s our responsibility to provide an environment that is child-friendly and 100% safe for curious toddlers. One of the most important aspects of a child-friendly interior is the establishment of proper boundaries. Doing so will help the child to stay within a suitable parameter and will keep mom relaxed and confident that her child is safe and secure. Properly installed best baby gates will accomplish just that.

– Looking for a good resource for the best baby gates on the market in 2016? We have the ultimate place to find the best, most reliable baby gates for your specific needs without wasting time or money. We guide you through the process in order to choose the best baby gates for your home.


– By reading hundreds of reviews, new mom blogs, and child-related forums, I have found that there are very few baby gates that meet parents’ expectations. So, by going through an expert checklist market survey from a million parents on the world as well as buy used for my child, we have reviews of the top-selling, best-quality baby and child gates that are suitable for both indoor and outdoor environments.


– Since 1953, child-oriented products have flooded the market and have become a mainstay among retailers. North States Industries has been leading this market due to their high quality, big value, and amazing customer service. North States products are much more durable and dependable than all the other products on the market today. Continuing their unprecedented legacy, the new Super Yard 8-Count product has the quality, style, and dependability that North State always promises.
– The first thing that you will love about this play yard is the design and durability of the fence tiles. There are eight colorful tiles that will help you to make a convenient play yard for your child. The non-slip, non-scratch plastic used to build this product ensures a perfect play yard for your child both indoors and outdoors.
– Another benefit of using the Super Yard is that it has an easy-to-use fold and unfold feature. All the 8 count rectangular colorful tiles are connected to each other and easily fold together. All you need to do is to unlock the primary strap and then unfold the whole thing (you’ll hear a clicking sound each time you unfold a part of the fence). After unfolding the whole thing, you will have a 26-inch high, 34.45-inch square feet enclosed play yard for your child.


– While most gates work as a pass-thru gate or a play yard enclosure, the Regalo Super-Wide Gate is different. With its 8 easy-to-configure removable panels you will be able to simply build a 19 Square feet play yard for your child in no time flat. The clutches between each of the panels are very flexible
. Although you can use these gates to build a play yard, another option is to build a barrier between rooms and, completely, secure indoor fireplaces as well. Some additional features of this product include:
– Durable PVC-free steel structure with anti-scratch finishing
– Easy to setup, fold, and store
– Portable design
– 28 inches tall to keep your child from going over the top
– Perfect for pet safety
– Simple click latch and unlatch feature for extended usability
– Certified by Juvenile Product Association for quality and safety
– Beautiful white color scheme to go with both interior and exterior
– Packaged with detailed instruction manual, wall mounting hardware, and properly folded gate-panels


– If the traditional-looking baby gate design puts you off and you are not a fan, there are other options. North States has designed a baby gate that has a little more flare and style with the 3-in-1 Arched Decor Metal Gate. While maintaining the overall quality of the North States’ highly popular Arched Decor 3-in-1 product line, this option guarantees the highest level of safety and security for your adorable little bundle of joy. Besides being the most stylish product in the 3-in-1 product line, it also provides all the general functions you’ve come to know and love. The one-click latch option, flexible and stable panels, enclosed play area up to 10 square feet, and security up to 30 inches high, are all included with this beautiful gating option. In addition, this gate has optional expansion pieces to increase the height of panel as well.


-Having a fireplace in your home is an excellent thing, but it becomes extremely unsafe when infants and children are around. To keep children as well as pets away from the fire along with flames, get the KidCo Automatic Close HearthGate. The 5 segments of this gate might be angled in almost unlimited number of ways to fit your requirements. Additionally , you can also add more sections (sold separately) to this Automatic Close HearthGate by KidCo in case you need to cover an increased width. The HearthGate includes four 24″ sections along with a single 30″ section. Typically the 30” section comprises some sort of door with a width connected with 23”.


-Joints very easily rotate and lock to get secure attachment
-Quick generate, adjustable wall mount hardware
-Heavy duty steel protection door
-Color: Black
-Offers maximum security for dangerous areas
-Dual magnet locks door automatically
-Hold open attribute secures gate open totally free traffic
-Quick-release adjustable wall-mount hardware
-Can only be used collectively gate
-Recommended to use typically the hearth gate outside


– If you are looking for a more subtle, yet beautiful, looking play yard for your child, the North State Super Yard 3in1 is the ideal solution for you. Reviewed as one of the best baby safety gates on the market, this safe and sleek baby gate has more than 1000 positive reviews throughout the marketplace.
– The first thing that existing users of this product love about the North State Super Yard 3in1 is its extensive list of safety features. With its innovative child-proof-double-locking feature, the manufacturer guarantees that you can easily go in and out of the yard without accidentally forgetting to properly lock the yard. This feature also makes sure that your child will not leave the yard without your assistance or knowledge.
– Another exciting feature is the multitude of layout options. To begin, you can use this yard to create an enclosed play area for your child. Additionally, you can make an enclosed space for your pets as a training tool or just a place they can play unassisted.
– Yet another helpful feature of this gating system is the extension ability. By purchasing the available extension kits, you can increase the space of the play yard from 10-19 Square feet.


Top 6 Best Baby Gates

– Next on our list of best baby gates is the attractive Summer Infant Walk-Thru Gate. If you are living in a duplex house or have stairs within your house, then this gate is perfect for you. This gating system is super easy to unfold and assemble for use. Once you’re ready to put it away, the piece is even easier to fold for storage. It also comes with a simple, one-handed, open-and-close door function that makes the Summer Infant Walk-Thru Gate easier than other, well-appointed gates.
– The most love feature of this system is how easy it is to use around the staircase. Parents with beginner walkers will love how safe this product will keep their child around the stairs, one of the most unsafe places in homes for toddlers


Dreambaby Royale Converta 3in1 Play Yard Wide Baby Gate is really a must-have for young family members looking to keep their children safe by blocking away widely spaced areas like open-plan kitchens as well as having access to potentially dangerous features of home like fireplaces and stairways!
Six individual modular sections including a convenient walk-thru gate, for easy access amongst the sides.
Measures 3.7m (146 inches) wide, 74 cm (29 inches) tall giving you flexibility and flexibility of “safe space”.
Produced from a sturdy yet light-weight metal construction.
Simple to assemble and install – individual panels can easily be locked into position – and with its small in size design, it folds straight down for easy storage.
Easily transportable and packable to take out with you on your next holiday
So easy to configure to match individual layouts and needs.


– If you are more interested in bringing a natural look into your home decor while, keeping your child and pet’s safe from fireplaces or stairs, then the North States 3in1 Wood Gate is the option for you. This is a six panel, child guard that you can easily install between rooms as a barrier or within rooms to build a play yard. This product is portable yet one of the most durable baby gate products on the market. Parents love the warm, attractive look of the wood which has forced high sales since its introduction.The wooden panels are scratch free and splinter free, which ensures a smooth, comfortable finish that won’t hurt little hands. Each wood piece in this product is free of nails, too, so you can be confident that your baby is safe from cuts and boo-boos.


-Dreambaby Brooklyn Converta Play-Pen & Wide Baby Gate is a versatile and handy way to keep your child secure in any room of the house, and provide a large, sturdy play yard for them anywhere a round the house. Easy to install and made coming from durable metal with cloth panels, this is a fantastic accessory to any home. The 6 easy-to-adjust panels are wonderful as they can suit almost any home layout, and can be used in any area or room or space around the home. The sections can be opened to create a good extra-long gate, or being as protective guard around a room or space, a door, a fireplace or even more. As a play-pen, it can be placed in a variety of shapes, remaining adequate for your little ones to enjoy totally free space to play around inside 147.5″ wide as well as 29.5″ tall
-The playpen is easily transportable, which makes it ideal for traveling and also in multiple areas surrounding the home
-6 Modular sections including convenient walk-thru easy close gate along with stay-open feature
-Compact design and style folds easily for space or travel
-Constructed from sturdy metal and cloth panels, the play-pen is secure and secure to use, and definitely will last a long time
-Great for pets


– The name of this product says it all. It keeps your children and pets safe from harming themselves while keeping them exactly where you want them to be. If you are living in a house where there are fireplaces, stairs, and open-concept living areas that could become deadly for your little ones, then the GMI Keepsafe Gate is the product for you. Here are some additional features of the GMI Keepsafe Gate:

– Enclosed area can be expanded up to an additional 9 feet
– Patented design ensures pinch and scratch proof layout
– 180-degree unobstructed opening option
– Exclusive center-mounted leg provides more stability and strength to the overall panel
– Wide range of extension support starting from 38 inches
– Has rubberized caps beneath the panels, helping the panels to stay steady and rock-solid
– One-handed simple-click function for latch and unlatch option
– Easy setup and folding option for maximum ease of use
– Reviewed as one of the best-priced baby safety gates on the market today


Baby gates are an important aspect of providing a safe environment for your baby. All of our products are used and tested by mothers and fathers from around the globe to safely secure their babies. We provide personal opinion and top-rated product analysis reviews of each and every product in an effort to deliver top-quality products to your family that will work for you for years to come. We have a plethora of information regarding cheap baby gate reviews for new parents with , and best baby gates for stairs in order to round out your research before buying the perfect gate for your home.
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